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Thursday, 31 December 2009

stealing a happy thought if I may

I'm reeling.

While out jogging in a park the other morning, my beautiful friend Deme was attacked, knocked unconcious with a pipe, dragged into bushes and if not for the absolute fortune of a passerby stopping the revolting man from doing worse, left for dead. After several hours of neurosurgery to correct horrific skull damage and days in hospital she is home with her gorgeous husband and two adorable boys, recovering.

This is a girl like no other I've ever known. She's truly kind, generous, and so open-hearted. My Deme is a hugger. Every day I worked with her I got a hug. Every time my parents came to visit, they got a hug. Every time my husband tuned up at work she'd stop what she was doing, find us and give him a hug. A real hug. A squeeze and hang on tight, you're gonna have to let go first hug. It takes a special kind of someone to just give out love to everyone with such free-spiritedness.

If you have a chance on this day of renewed hope to send my girl a happy thought, to send even a tiny spare bit of love and hope back her way, I'd appreciate it.

(((Love you, Dem.)))