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Friday 22 January 2010

tagged - 7 things you might not know...

The lovely Nicola Marsh has tagged me on her blog with a "7 things you might not know about me" challenge, and since I'm a girl who's utterly addicted to making lists, here goes:

1. I bite my fingernails.

2. Since having kids I still drink decaf as normal coffee now tastes funny gives me the shakes.

3. I work best surrounded by mess and noise. Music is a must. Teetering piles of paper a great help. Post-it notes scrawled with "things I must do yesterday" covering half my monitor a bonus.

4. When I was in pre-school I cried until my teacher would let me hold the Easter Parade banner with my boyfrined Barry Davies. That was the only year we went to school together. I wonder if he remembers me at all...

5. I've been carefully collecting Little Mermaid merchandise for twenty odd years, only now much of it has been sucked, chewed, and loved to bits by my daughter.

6. I love all things tangy and bitter. I could happily eat a whole lemon, no sweat!

7. I hide away on Oscar day so I don't hear any of the award winners til it's replayed on TV that night. And as I plonk on the lounge with my bowl of chips, I get into the spirit by - at the very least - popping on some dangly sparkly earrings. I know, what a glamorous life I do lead!

I hereby tag everyone out there looking to procrastinate by writing a fun list!