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Friday, 19 November 2010

the race is on!

Three weeks til baby #3 is due!

Hospital bag's packed - kind of.  Bub's clothes and bedding are washed and ready to go - waaaay too many!  Nappy station all set up - they don't really go through, like, 12 nappies a day, right?  Name's all picked out - and the fact that we have no back-up won't possibly be a problem, will it?

A tad less than three weeks til book 22 is due. 

Hero Will is proving mighty inspiring as this picture can attest.  As is the rugged coastline of southern Victoria where much of the book is set.  And I'm loving my heroine Mia - on the oustside she seems like she has it all.  But on the inside Will and I are discovering she is pure mush. 

Hmmm, which will be ready first?  Baby or book?

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

that'll teach him

Hubby's day off yesterday so we began with a list of things to do:

  • Pre-admission phone interview for baby hospital at 8:30
  • Me dye hair at 9:00
  • Air-conditioning guy # 3 coming out to give quote @ 10:00
  • Hubby clear foliage from around pool @ 11:00
  • Me off to cafe to write at 1:00

Unfortunately, the air-conditioning guy hadn't been privy to our list and he arrived a half hour early. Naturally I was upstairs, in my tatty old nighty, hair full of dye, eyebrows same, looking like something out of a horror film. What choice did I have but to allow him upstairs 'cause that'[s where the kids bedrooms are that need the air-conditioning!

Poor guy. By the amazed glint in hubby's eye as I carried on a perfrectly normal conversation with the poor, terrified fellow told me I should be glad I wasn't looking in a mirror ;). Well, lucky for anyone else who ever wants a quote from him he'll know he's meant to be late!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

happy birthday boo

Today my baby turns three.

I can't believe a whole three years has passed since she came into the world a tiny creature with a serious frown and wary grey eyes. But it has. In a manic amazing blur.

Right this moment she's so tall - the size of a 5 year old! - with a tumble of beautiful ringlet curls and a vocabulary that shocks me everyday. She's snuggly and independant and inquisitive and a lover of books. She loves Batman and bubbles, strawberries and playing "shopping at Bunnings", snuggling on the couch and fairy stickers. Poor love inherited my lack of coordination ;) but she still loves to run and jump and dance. Right now she wants to know how to spell everything and figure out what time it is every five minutes. Keeps mum busy! She adores her little sister, which is a beautiful thing to see. They chase and tickle and play together all day long.

Happy Birthday Baby Boo. It's the absolute pleasure of my life getting to watch you become you!


Thursday, 4 November 2010

the charming Mr Northam, and we who adore him so

A fabulous band of lovelies with immensely good taste have invited me to natter on their blog. Why? Because to a one we all adore one Jeremy Northam.

You know, the heavenly Mr Knightley vs Gwyneth Paltrow's adorable Emma. The unstoppable investigator opposite Kate Winslet in Enigma. The charming celebrity guest in Gosford Park. (I can't be the only one who has a thing for men who can play the piano!) And best of all the gorgeously stoic counsel in The Winslow Boy who never saw love coming!

So much so when they'd heard that I had uised Mr Northam as inspiration for my first ever Modern Heat novel, GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS, a whole bunch of them them out and bought it, and read it, and by all accounts oh so sweetly enjoyed it! And now that its getting a re-release in the BOARDROOM HOT-SHOTS collection, I'm over there remembering why he was such inspiration for my hero, the unflappable Flynn Granger, in the first place.

If you too have a fondness for the charming fellow, check out the Jeremy Northam Fan Blog which has links to their Facebook page and a wonderfully chatty forum where you can talk all things Jeremy.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

place your bets!

Melbourne Cup day today - the race that stops a nation!

This is the one day on the calendar when girls get to dress up in gorgeous frocks, and men in their best suits and we can all pretend we're posh and glamorous everyday. Until about five in the afternoon when the guys a drunk and the girls have lost their hats and everyone stumbles home bare foot and worse for wear ;).

And for the first time in ten years I'm not in Melbourne enjoying the holiday that goes along with it. But still, even from up in the sunshine I can indulge in my once yearly splurge at a bet! So who to tip?

Like any good punter, I believe it's all about the horse's name, right? So on that note I'm tipping MALUCKYDAY with a lovely white and pink number. Toddler Girl (who was born on Melboure Cup day three years ago!) told me she wanted "orange", so she's tipped SHOCKING a horse whose jockey is wearing orange and black silks. Danger Mouse went a little different, choosing her tip by the picture and she's gone with PRECEDENCE.

Between us we've accidentally picked the second favourite, last year's winner and a horse trained by mega-trainger Bart Cummings who's won more Melbourne Cups than any other trainer. I reckon we are gifted. But we'll know for sure come 3:30 this afternoon when the greatest horse race in the world has been won!!!

May the greatest horse win!