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Saturday, 13 November 2010

that'll teach him

Hubby's day off yesterday so we began with a list of things to do:

  • Pre-admission phone interview for baby hospital at 8:30
  • Me dye hair at 9:00
  • Air-conditioning guy # 3 coming out to give quote @ 10:00
  • Hubby clear foliage from around pool @ 11:00
  • Me off to cafe to write at 1:00

Unfortunately, the air-conditioning guy hadn't been privy to our list and he arrived a half hour early. Naturally I was upstairs, in my tatty old nighty, hair full of dye, eyebrows same, looking like something out of a horror film. What choice did I have but to allow him upstairs 'cause that'[s where the kids bedrooms are that need the air-conditioning!

Poor guy. By the amazed glint in hubby's eye as I carried on a perfrectly normal conversation with the poor, terrified fellow told me I should be glad I wasn't looking in a mirror ;). Well, lucky for anyone else who ever wants a quote from him he'll know he's meant to be late!