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Friday, 10 December 2010

nothing as tempting as a new hero!

I'm sooo close to picking my heroione inspiration so a big smoochy thanks to all those who emailed and commented! Any one of them could have done the job, but as always happens, one gal's light just shines when it comes to the crunch. Watch this space to see who won!!!

So here's the hero who's about to line up against my fabulous tough as nails heroine. I tend to lean towards tall dark and handsome but this dark blonde honey is just peeeerfect for my new guy. The blue eyes, patrician nose, preppy polo shirt, neat hands that haven't seen a day's hard work in their life.

Plant him on a barstool in front of my heroine who's had to work her backside off just to survive and boy oh boy the sparks!!!

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