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Wednesday 16 March 2011


A big yoohoo to those who've braved the lonely trek to my blog today! Dust off a beanbag and settle in. I always have a great supply of M&Ms and coffee on offer.

Apologies for my absences. I've been sooo busy of late I've barely had time to think much less blog what with trying to wrangle my bub into a human-type sleeping rhythm, and catching up with my two beautiful BFFs who came all the way from Melbourne to visit. Love you girls, miss you terribly already!

Tomorrow hubby has the day off and is taking my two girls to his mum's so I can write. Woohoo! Though in past weeks I've had the power go off for the whole day, or a non- sleeping bub, or a bung back, or floods. Laptop's charging as we speak, so tomorrow, come hell or high water - literally! - I will write!

Wish me luck!