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Friday, 18 March 2011

big bunnies

Told 3 year old Toddler Girl today about the Easter Bunny.

As well as enjoying seeing her beautiful face light up at the thought of a bunny coming to visit, there I was, thinking how genius it was to use the bribe of her first ever chocolate in the hopes of enourgaing helpful behaviour from the minx for the next few weeks.

But no.

Now she won't sleep. I've been up to her room three times in the hour since she's gone to bed. "What's the bunny's name again?" she asked. Next time it was, "Please don't let the bunny come in my room." Then, even after my brilliant on the spot claim that he'll only hide eggs in the garden, "I don't want the bunny to come up here!"

Bummer ;).

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