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Friday, 29 July 2011

i'm reading...genesis alpha

I've just finished reading Rune Michaels awesome first young adult novel GENESIS ALPHA. And did I mention it was awesome?!?!?!?! She was one of my favourite ever Harlequin authors - writing under a different pen name - which is why I've been dying to read it for yonks and boy was it worth the wait. According to her blog, Genesis Alpha was chosen for the NYPL Books for the Teen Age 2008 list and won literary prizes in Belgium and France. No big shock. Ripper read.

Grab t
he book here from the Book Depository for free delivery worldwide!

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d Reads.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

umm yum!!!!!

So this is the guy whose job it is to inspire me some romantic words for the next handful of months.

Think he can do it?

I have attempted to use Hugh Jackman in this way before. I mean, he is the official patron hunk of romance writers, right? But I've had no success. It's all about matching the right pic with the right hero, the right story, the right heroine... It's tricky stuff!

But this picture, for this hero... I'm getting a good feeling in me waters about this one!

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

that new idea glow!

So I'm itching to get started on a new book.

As per usual with me I'm flush with ideas. For me they're the easy
part. I have a slew of cute meets just waiting to be written! The problem at the beginning is picking which one.

Which one will sing? Which one has legs? Which one has chemistry?
Then yesterday afternoon, out of nowhere, BAM!

A heroine who makes me grin, a hero who gives me delicious chills, and a set-up to die for!
The Working title - PANTS ON FIRE, seriously! - gives me all I need to lock me into the feel of the story. So now I just have to toddle off and write 50,000 words and I'm done!

Picture me squirelling away notes on random pieces of paper in between baby feeds, and cleaning up toddler feeds, and colouring in pictures of Humpty Dumpty, and changing nappies and... you get the picture.

Here's my heroine Dahlia. Boy is she about to do something to get herself into loads of trouble! Watch this space for pics of the hero.!

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"like" me "like" me!

It's an incredibly odd thing IMHO to actively ask a person to "like" them. Yet here I am!

I've finally found a spare five minutes in my day to create a new Facebook Author Page which will replace the old cumbersome "friend page" so do come on over and "Like" me for fun up to date updates on my writing, my book releases and the occasional insight into the rambling chaotic life of a romance author in progress.

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

guest blogging and changing nappies!

I'm guest blogging with the Romance Writers of Australia where I natter about all sorts of guff, like what I do in my non-writing time when not changing nappies. Turns out it's more than I thought it was!

I also give a little insight into how my latest Aussie re-release GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS - as found in BOARDROOM HOT-SHOTS collection - came to life.

Come say "hi"!

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Friday, 15 July 2011

they're on their own now!

I've just said goodbye to these two gorgeous young things, watching with excitement and not a little trepidation for their futures as they wing their way to the other side of the world to land on my editor's desk.

They have b
een an utter joy to know, a pleasure to write about, and I'm going to miss them like crazy.

Of course I will get a visit when revisions
land with a thud ;). But until then, my sweets, bon voyage!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

i heart apps

I like being able to figure things out instantly - read I have no patience! So when I got a beautiful fancy shiny new smart phone from my hubby for my birthday imagine my excitement! And frustration ;). I could have thrown the thing at the wall, and now... I can blog from the thing

I'm fast learning the fabulousness of apps. Do you have any faves I must have?


Sunday, 3 July 2011

ibooks down under!

Did you know the Australian iTunes store now stocks iBooks? Well it does!!! And my latest books are there. Yippee!

For some reason they've made it super tricky to track books and authors down on that site, so I've made it easy for ya! Click here and you'll find my latest handful of Aussie releases including a couple of great collections. (Or for my American releases, head on over to the American iTunes site here.)

As a helpful hint, to find your other fave authors, Google "author name itunes" and you should have some luck.

Happy reading!

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