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Tuesday 27 March 2012

ebook of the month :: secondary characters


Secondary characters
It got a lot of mail about this book when it first came out, and so many of the readers wrote to tell me how much they loved the secondary characters.  Most especially Damien's best mate Caleb (the impossible playboy) and Chelsea's sister Kensey. 

I reckon it's because considering after their first meet, Damien and Chelsea spend something crazy like 75 pages apart - !!! - they needed to talk to their best friends about one another a lot!  And that kind of talk is fun.  Naughty fun.  Silly fun.  Honest fun.   So when our two lovebirds lock eyes on one another for the first time in an age, they're well-primed ;).

And as a by the way, Caleb - who unexpectedly came into his own for me near the end of this book - ended up with his own happy ending A NIGHT WITH THE SOCIETY PLAYBOY.

The excerpt:

Caleb glanced up at the phone Damien held by his fingertips.  ‘Looks like yours.’
‘But it ain’t.’
‘But it looks like it...’
Just then the offending machine began to ring.  The two men stared at it as it blared out its powder-puff tune.
‘That’s not your phone,’ Caleb said, deadpan.  ‘Give it to me.’
Damien pulled it out of Caleb’s reach.  ‘Every time you go anywhere near my computer I end up with porn pop-ups I have to call on others to delete.  Every Friday for the past two months Jimmy the IT guy has asked me if I want to join him and the other techies at the Men’s Gallery.’
‘I can’t put porn on this phone by simply answering it.’  Caleb clicked his fingers, and half-believing him Damien handed over the offending instrument.
‘This is Caleb,’ he said after answering the phone, leaning back in his chair, and proceeding to grunt and ask sensible questions.  When Caleb’s voice dropped and he began to have a chat, Damien kicked hard against the side of his desk.
‘Right, nice talking to you, Susan,’ Caleb said then hung up.  ‘She was returning a missed call herself.  Didn’t know whose phone it was.  If you’d let me talk for a few more minutes we might have figured it out between us.’
‘I think it’s a chick’s phone,’ Caleb said.
‘I do believe it is.  Someone rang earlier looking for a Chelsea London.’
‘Now why do I know that name?’
‘You don’t,’ Damien said, knowing that Caleb wouldn’t spot the obvious.
Caleb grinned.  ‘You bought a chick’s phone.’
‘On your recommendation.’
‘That was a month ago.  Times change.  I can’t see the future.’
‘I wonder what they did with my old Nokia.  Do you think it’s too late to get it back?’
‘Far too late.  If they haven’t melted it down they’ve donated it to a museum.’  Caleb’s thumb began zooming over the keys at lightning speed.
‘You’re going through her personal files?’ Damien asked.
‘That I am.’
‘Good idea.’  He moved behind Caleb and looked over his shoulder at the bright flashing screens.
‘No photos of herself or her friends.  Means she has no friends or isn’t the cutest thing on her block.  But we do have photos of...’
Damien’s eyebrows lifted and he was sure Caleb’s did the same.  The first photo they came upon was of a black studded dog collar.  He should have guessed.
‘Kinky,’ Caleb said.
‘Just your type,’ Damien said.
‘Ha.  Ha.  Okay, moving on, in her diary we have ‘lunch @ Amelie’s with Kensey’.  Kensey.  Sounds like the name of a fortune teller.  Ooh, maybe this Kensey knows what they’ve done with your old Nokia.’

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