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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lucky 7 meme

The lovely Natalie Anderson - whose gorgeous novella MELT I raved about hereupon not so very long ago - has tagged me in the Lucky 7 meme, which means I have to head to my current work in progress, land on page 77, line 7, and give you the next 7 lines.

Fun, right?  A bit nerve-wracking too!  Take 7 lines from any book and out of context they can so easily make no sense at all.  And yet...  Amazing how much 7 little lines can give away about a writer's voice.  Eg. check out Natalie's, and Nicola Marsh's, 'cause she tagged Nat in the first place.

So here 'tis, 7 lines form line 7 of page 77 of my current WIP, working title The Blonde Bombshell.

She blamed his bed.
My god the bed!  Now she understood what he’d been waiting for.  The thing was so big, so lush, so very conducive to absolutely mind-blowing sex.
And it was like sleeping on a cloud.  She knew because she had slept.  For half an hour at least before her common sense had slapped her awake and she’d jumped out of the thing so fast she’d caught her toe on a sheet and almost landed head first on the floor.
So I'm blushing ;).