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Tuesday 1 May 2012

ebook of the month: millionaire to the rescue


The book:
MILLIONAIRE TO THE RESCUE was my twelfth book and is close to my heart for a few reasons.

a) I looove the name Daniel.  It would have been one of my first choice for a son's name if not for the fact that one of my husband's cousins is a Daniel.  So my hero in this book was my chance to throw my love towards a Daniel of my own.
b) the hero drives my faaavourite car, the car I'd buy for myself if I ever won the lotto. An S-type Jag.  My parents owned a vintage 360  when I was growing up so I have such fond memories of leather seats and wood-grain dash, and pressing the button to turn it on.  I'd like a flash modern

c)  the hero is a Sports Agent.  And my love of the Collingwood Magpies is pretty well know so it was a blast to make little references to the team throughout.  I even dedicated the book to them: To a whole team of men who bring me agony and ecstasy year in and year out, the Collingwood Football Club.  Go Pies!  Here's a pic of them winning the 2101 flag, just 'cause ;).

The excerpt:
‘I have a present for you,’ Danny said.
‘What for?’ Beau asked, pushing his glasses higher on his nose.
‘Starting a new school.  Didn’t you know that every kid gets a special present on their first day?  It’s one of the million cool things about starting a new school.’
Beau’s mouth pursed as though he didn’t quite believe he could be that lucky.  Then he looked up and over Danny’s shoulder and he realised Brooke was there.
‘What’s the present?’ Beau asked before the chance was snatched away.
Danny felt Brooke watching him.  He felt her questioning glare at the back of his neck.  He hadn’t asked her permission before getting a gift for Beau, and well, he didn’t really want her permission.  This was about him and the kid.  It was a guy thing.  And she could just lump it.
‘I have managed to beg, borrow and call in about a dozen favours in order to get four tickets to...guess what?’
Beau licked his lips, his eyes getting wider as he imagined what the three things could possibly be.
Danny pulled four small rectangles of cardboard from behind his back and used them to scratch his chin.  ‘Tickets to the AFL footy grand final at the end of this month.’
Beau gawped.  His mouth dropped open.  And his eyes all but popped out of his head.   ‘Are you serious?’
‘I am.  You, your mum and sister can come with me.  With those tickets you can go anywhere you want.  You’ll sit in the Collingwood family seats with all the players' kids, and if they make the grand final you can come back into the rooms after the game.’
He handed the tickets to Beau who held onto them as though they were made of butterfly wings.
‘Can I take these to school?’  For this he looked up at his mum, meaning Danny was forced to as well.
He stood, his thirty-three-year-old knees creaking, and turned to face her.  She had Lily, now calm and smiling, while her feather boa wrapped about the two of them so one couldn’t move without the other.
Brooke didn’t look entirely happy.  But that wasn’t why his chest felt like a steel band had been tightened around it.  She looked utterly chaotic.  Her hair was a shaggy mess, her cheeks were pink, and her chest rose and fell as though she’d been running for ten minutes straight which she likely had.  She looked so beautiful, and so right just being there in his home every morning it hurt him to breathe.

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