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Wednesday 16 May 2012

ebook of the month :: nice things people had to say


The awards:

WINNER - Cataromance Reviewers' Choice Winner

FINALIST - RomanticTimes BOOKclub Reviewers' Choice

FINALIST  - Booksellers Best Award
Best Traditional Romance

The nice reviews:
Millionaire to the Rescue is a beautifully written story of an unrequited love finally coming true after so many years. This book had me laughing, crying and enjoying each and every second of it."
5 stars, Cataromance

"Ally does a fantastic job of fitting many emotions into the HRomance format.  Wonderful read."
 4 1/2 stars, eHarlequin Reviews

"Another highly evocative, sighworthy story from Ally, with a dreamy hero and independent, modern heroine. Loved it!"
Nicola Marsh, Harlequin Romance author

"I just finished reading Ally Blake’s book, Millionaire to the Rescue. This is another book that should take out prizes.  Not only did I fall in love with the hero, the heroine was fabulous and loved the minor characters, especially her sister and those gorgeous kids."
Mary Hawkins

"Have also just finished Millionaire to the Rescue and loved it, its gone into my bookshelf - which means its here to stay."
Caitlyn Nicholas
The excerpt:
Once Brooke was sure they couldn’t go much higher, the forest suddenly cleared, leaving great bolts of sunshine to slice down upon the most amazing house she had ever seen.
A great irregular multi level home rambled down the side of the steep cliff face.  Masses of wide high windows, jutting balconies, an eclectic mix of burnt umber wood panels, muddy cream shingles and pale-coffee coloured brick covered in twisting green ivy gave the structure the appearance of having grown out of the forest.
They pulled up in front of a five car garage with a matching shingled roof, but Danny just parked the car out front.  The hum of the engine and the air-conditioning faded to a strange kind of quiet.
No press.  No radio.  No white noise.  Just the soft whisper of a light wind sighing through a million leaves.  It was so hushed Brooke could actually hear herself think.  Which maybe wasn’t such a good thing.
She opened the car door, stretching out her stiff limbs, feeling like they had driven five hundred kilometres, not fifty.  The kids were out of the car and running, exploring, before her flat canvas shoes hit the golden gravel of the neatly swept driveway.  A pristine, green, rock-bordered lawn extended from the edges of the gently curving path, eventually melding into lush palms and mossy undergrowth.  It looked like something out of a children’s novel.  If fairies made their homes between the rocks and trees she would not have been all that surprised.
A jingle of keys and a tangy scent far cooler than the shady forest about them brought her back to the present.  Danny ambled to lean against the side of the car next to her.  He followed the line of her vision as her eyes skittered all over the edifice before them.
‘It’s quite something don’t you think?’ he asked, squinting to fend off the burn of reflected sunlight from the vast arched curtain free window on the very top floor.
‘It’s something all right.’  She faced him.  ‘How is it that I have never been here before?  How is it that I had no idea you lived in a place like this?  How is it that I always pictured you living in some slick black and silver bachelor pad on the top floor of some building in town?’
He held up a hand to shield his face then turned a pair of dark bronze eyes her way.  ‘You tell me.’
Brooke looked away, pretending to be focussed on her kids, but Danny knew better.  He also knew the answer to her questions.
She’d never before been here because this place was his retreat.  His haven of peace and quiet.  And for him to have invited anybody here, for dinner, for a game of tennis, to stay over, that took some leap of faith on his part.  And she had pictured him living in some steel skyscraper because she had never been interested enough to find out the truth.
But the funny thing?  The kicker?  That day in his office a week before it had occurred to him that over the years he had never bothered to find out all that much more about her either.  And that day, and every day since, it felt like some kind of vital imperative that now he find out what that more was.
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