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Tuesday 22 May 2012

ebook of the month :: when the hero loves the heroine from the first page


The romantic hero:

One of the things I looooved about writing this book was the hero's struggle. gorgeous Danny Finch, a man who has nothing against a happy ending, has never settled down as no woman he ever met lived up to the heroine Brooke - who has been married to his best friend for the past eight years.

He loves her.  From the opening page.  But after his best friend dies and leaves her a widow, how can he hope to want her?  How could he ever forgive himself if she wanted him back.  He has his chance, but it is fraught with betrayal of his best mate.  Poor gorgeous man!!!

Watching Brooke slowly come out of her cocoon now she is no longer in the shadow of her famous player of a husband, and seeing her come to realise Danny's feelings, and her own, was really heart-warming to write.  Hope it's as heart-warming to read!

The excerpt:
Brooke smiled at him from beneath her lashes, and then slid from the stool.  He turned on his chair and watched her walk away.
He would have recognised that walk among a million.  The slightly boyish figure, the perfect posture, the innocent sway of thin hips and long lean legs.  The charming walk of a woman who always thought of herself last.  While he thought of her often.  Too often.
And thinking the way he was right now was no better than a betrayal of his best friend.  The kid who had used his own pocket money to rent Danny his first set of cricket whites in primary school when he’d found out Danny couldn’t afford to do so himself.  He owed so much to Cal.  So much.
He shouldn’t be finding ways to touch Brooke.  To be near her.  To make her smile.  To make her like him.  It simply couldn’t happen.  Even if there had always been a connection.  An undeniable spark.  From the moment their eyes met across the crowded barbeque he had felt it lodge deep inside of him.
A barb that had never let him go.  The discomfort he had always felt in her company.  It was sexual tension.  Genuine attraction.  Pure and simple.  Though it wasn’t all that pure and far less simple with every passing day.
Even Cal had noticed.  He’d only mentioned it once, knowing it need never to be mentioned again.
‘You’re wishing you got there first aren’t you mate?’ Cal had asked after a dinner party one night during those first months.
‘If wishes were fishes,’ Danny had thrown back.
Cal had grinned, utterly confident in himself and in their friendship.  ‘Lucky for me they aren’t.’
‘And never will be,’ Danny had promised.
And that was his cross to bear.  For even if she walked in here all shining green eyes and lush lips and pink cheeks and skin so soft it physically hurt not to reach out and run his thumb across her cheek, behind her ear, and kiss the tip of her straight nose, even if she sat on his lap, dove one hand into the back of his hair, used the other to trace a long silky line down his cheek and into the dip of his shirt before leaning in and kissing him senseless...  Even then he would not give in.
Cal was gone.  But Cal would forevermore be there, between them.
And even if he hadn’t ever been sure that he liked her, he knew he’d always feelings for her.  An involuntary attraction that had never gone away.  Feelings that now had to be put back away into the tight, dark, walled in place inside of him in which they had been kept for eight long years.
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