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Friday 11 May 2012

must watch TV: true blood

There's nothing better than finding a new author you love who has a huge backlist you can glom to your heart's content.   (My current is Rachel Gibson - faaabulous!)

But for me there's something that comes close.  Discovering an awesome TV show with five seasons down before you even see the first episode.  Right now, for me that would be True Blood.

Set in a made up Louisiana town of Bon Temps, and based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris I'd avoided it til now mainly because of vampire OD.  (Hero's a vampire, heroine can read minds, and the third i the love triangle, well let's just say you get the feeling he's going to get more interesting ;))

This is a show that's actually hard to recommend.  It's raunchy, and its violent.  But if you can handle that the acting is SUPERB.  The writing surprising.   The setting perfection.  The push and pull of the relationships sometimes high tragedy and other times so heart-breakingly raw and real you cling to the edge of your chair and try not to cry.  You cannot let yourself love ANYONE as they might not make it through the episode much less the season, and yet you do.  Love them.

For that reason my hubby and I are being sooo careful not to google anything about the show.  And for a girl who always reads the book first, this time I just can't!  If I knew who was going to live, or die, or change ;), the show wouldn't have the same awesome shock factor.

So, I'm going out on a limb and saying WATCH IT!  Maybe through your fingers for the first episode before you decide if its your cup of tea ;).  Clearly my cup of tea is as hot and steamy as the Louisiana bayou.

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