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Sunday, 17 June 2012

ballet or not ballet...

Curly Girl (4) has her first ever ballet concert today.

She and about 25 other pre-schoolers will be on stage with Angelina Ballerina herself to close out the show.  She is sooo keen, which is just beautiful to see, while I foresee about a half dozen points at which she might well dig in her heels and that'll be that!

The bun.  With her ringlet curls she haaaates having her hair brushed.  Add hairspray, bobbypins, bun net, this is gonna be an adventure!

The stage. I have to pass her off to her teacher with a trillion other little ballerinas, most of whom she won't ever have met.  Touch and go as to how that will go down. Then there's the stage, the lights, nerve-wracking enough for a grown up much less an itty bitty little girl!

The super-sized mouse.  She's sooo excited about dancing with Angelina.  When hearing about this concert she asked me if she could please be involved for that reason.  But a cartoon on a screen is a little different from a 6 foot mouse in a tutu!

So while I, and the 9 others who are coming to watch her, trundle up to the concert hall an hour early for a 1 and a half hour concert, which she closes, we'll be on baited say the least ;).