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Thursday 28 June 2012

pillow talk :: revisions :: the final sweep


I'm down to the final few days of revising my current MS.  In fact the revisions are done, I'm now in the cutting phase.  It's 5500 too long so the slash and burn is on!!!

I actually love this part,  The tightening.  The honing.  Making sure every single word is important.  I  actually find it soothing.

Probably because I write by the seat of my pants and Iif I write a bit I'm not happy with I highlight in yellow and move on.  And being able to delete or fix those yellow bits, and make them white, is like decluttering a room.  I feel all free and light and like I can breath better when its done.

This is the final sweep, so watch this space. Any day now!!!

For a more in depth analysis of the manuscript revising process, I'm heading up a workshop at the Romance Writers of Australia conference on the Gold Coast this August entitled REVISIONS: REWRITING, EDITING, PROOF-READING...OH MY!  Conference details at the RWA website.

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