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Tuesday 26 June 2012

pillow talk :: revisions :: voices in your head


So my hero Gabe started talking to me today.  Clear as day.  As I read his dialogue it was like he was standing right beside me, rumbling his lines in the deepest most delicious voice ever.

I realised quick smart that it was a voice I knew.   As a shiny new but wholehearted total True Blood fanatic (I'm only halfway through season 4 so no spoilers please!!!) I'm very familiar with this man.

I give you Joe Manganiello AKA Alcide the werewolf in the world of Sookie Stackhouse.  He's 6'5", with muscles on muscles and has a voice that'll make your knees wobble.  He's also in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh film "Magic Mike" if you'd like to see him strip ;).  I'm just sayin'.

But apart from all that smoke and mirrors, his voice on my Gabe has made so many things that were mere concepts at that point feel real.  My hero has levels, and volume, and tone.  It's moments like these - the unexpected visceral moments that make this job something truly special.

Here's a little Alcide just so you can her the voice.  No other reason, I promise.

For a more in depth analysis of the manuscript revising process, I'm heading up a workshop at the Romance Writers of Australia conference on the Gold Coast this August entitled REVISIONS: REWRITING, EDITING, PROOF-READING...OH MY!  Conference details at the RWA website.

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