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Thursday, 19 July 2012


My 23rd book -  THE SECRET WEDDING DRESS - has been sold to Mills and Boon Modern with a January 2013 release date in the UK!  The Modern books in the UK have the most gorgeous covers.  Very slick and sexy.  I'm thrilled I'll be getting one of my own.  Yum.  Check them out here.

Paige and Gabe - and I offer no apologies for the shot to the right, in fact I accept your gratitude -   started out as an idea that slammed into my head one morning, like a scene from a movie: a woman standing in a lift holding a wedding dress, when into the lift walks the man of her dreams.  I had no idea who she was, if she was engaged, if the dress was hers or not.  But I knew I had to write that scene.  You can read how she eventually ended up with the dress here.

Even after so many books every sale is a joy/relief for about five minutes before the onset of panic about what to write next! Though I do have an idea brewing about Gabe's best friend and business partner Nate.  I think he's about to get a phone call that changes his life!

Read all about THE SECRET WEDDING DRESS at it's new page here!

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M&B Modern Romance January 2013 UK. M&B Sexy February 2013Aus/NZ.

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