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Thursday, 4 October 2012

RIVA's back! Now meet your new best friend, Maddie from RIVA's "She's So Over Him" by Joss Wood

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Heroine:  Maddie Shaw

Age: 29

Occupation: Event Co-Ordinator/ PR Specialist and Cale manoeuvres her into helping him organise his charity triathlon race in remembrance of his twin brother.

Vital Stats: Dark, curly hair and amber eyes. Thanks to her insane shopping habit (Cale thinks she keeps the retail sector in champagne and caviar) she’s always stylish. (And who's Cale? I hear you ask.  You can meet him over at Natalie Anderson's blog - and boy are you gonna wanna meet him!)

Who'd play her in the movie of her life:  Mila Kunis

Instant BFF or Gotta Earn Her Trust:  Got to earn her trust.

Friends or Family: Since she has the world’s most dysfunctional parents, friends are her family. 

Satin Teddy or Cotton Comfort : Satin teddy.

Shower or Bath: Bath, with her mobile and a glass of wine in easy reach.

What she doesn't want the hero to know:  How insanely, crazily attracted to him she still is.

We'd be her friend because...  Maddie is warm and funny and vulnerable beneath her tough, business-girl exterior.

In her words…

Cale crossed his arms and rested his glass against his bicep.
Sexy arms, Maddie thought. What would he look like with his shirt off? Images from long ago flashed in her head. A wide chest, lightly covered in crisp blond hair, strong shoulders—and did he still have that washboard stomach? Her eyes brushed over his lower mid-section and drifted across his slim hips. Oh, yes, it was still there…
Whoah, boy—chemical reaction.
Maddie hauled in her breath, shoved an agitated hand into her hair and counted to ten. Then she counted to twenty, frantically thinking that she might have to go to two thousand and sixty-two to get her heart-rate under control.
Damn him… If he ever gave up his day-job he could hire himself out as a
defibrillator. Huh! That was a pretty impressive word for—she glanced at her watch—twenty to one in the morning.
‘Earth to Maddie?’
Maddie was jerked out of her thoughts by Cale tugging on the curl again before allowing it to fall off his finger.
‘You took quite a mental side trip. What were you thinking about?’
Your muscles under my hands…
‘Cardiac arrest and defibrillators.’
Cale’s eyebrows lifted in surprise and he scratched his forehead. ‘I’d
forgotten about your weird thought processes.’
‘You always said that I had a mind like a grasshopper,’ Maddie agreed. ‘It drove you crazy.’
‘Newsflash: everything about you drove me crazy.’
Maddie’s stopped her glass halfway to her mouth and silently cursed when Cale turned his face away, leaving her with a very good view of his strong neck.
What, for the love of all things bright and beautiful, did he mean by that? Was he joking? Being serious? Sarcastic? Unfortunately his neck and the back of his head didn’t give her a clue.
What happens next?  Buy the book to find out!

What's the book aboutWhat not to do with your ex…
He’s back. He’s insanely hot. He’s absolutely the last person she should date. Maddie Shaw is a part-time bartender with a never-get-involved attitude to dating and a flair for the perfectly served drink. Yet when ex-boyfriend Cale Grant walks into her bar, a whole ten years after their massive bust-up, she’s blown away all over again by his dark chocolate voice and deep blue eyes. So, just how over him is she?

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