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Saturday, 24 November 2012

the secret wedding dress...nearly here!

The Secret Wedding Dress
I love that knock at the door that heralds a delivery of author copies of a book!  Especially the first edition thereof, as there are always fun little things you don't expect.

Like a lovely reader quote on the back cover:

"I love Ally Blake's books - always sexy and sensual!" said Teresa from Weston-super-mare.  
Or the excerpt chosen for the front of the book.  Here's the one (edited a mite to fit)  to be found in THE SECRET WEDDING DRESS which arrived at my place today:

Through gritted teeth Paige muttered, “That's it.  I hereby promise to throw myself upon the mercy of the next man who smiles at me.  I need to get some man time and fast.  Deal?  Deal.”
“Hold the door,” said s deep male voice
He loomed into view, a stranger, a great big broad one, his bulk blocking her view of the foyer entirely.  Head down, brow pinched into a frown, he stared intently at the shiny smart phone in his spare hand.
As she  presse herself deeper into the small lift her eyes flickered over a well-worn chocolate-brown leather jacket  with thick dark hair curling over the wool-lined collar.  Over soft denim lovingly hugging masses of muscle, down to huge scuffed boots.   Big and brawny he was, with dark shadowed eyes and stubble long past designer on a jaw that could have been cut from granite.
The raw and unadulterated impact of the man sent her stomach into freefall, and colour rushed into her skin with a whoosh she could practically hear.  She had to swallow down the sudden urge to growl.
Then a husky voice inside her head sent the stranger a silent plea:  Smile.

Mills and Boon Modern Romance - January 2012
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