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Friday, 1 March 2013

final farewell

FAKING IT TO MAKING IT is done and dusted.  I won't get to see it again til it hits bookshelves this August!  But it was such fun reading it again.  Saskia and Nate were awesome company.  When the hero looks quite a bit like this guy, you won't hear a complain from me!

Come Monday I get back to my current couple who are - so far - treating me remarkably well!  (Now of course I've said that out loud my muse will make me pay!)

But till then, the big fabulous Australian Romance Readers Convention book-signing hits Brisbane tomorrow! Soooo looking forward to the buzz of all that glorious shiny book love in one room!!! Bring your dog-eared favourites; for an author with a pen in hand, they're the absolute best.