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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

blog tour :: harlequin junkie

Today I'm nattering with the fabulous Harlequin Junkie about my first Harlequin KISS - out now across North America - THE SECRET WEDDING DRESS!

One of the questions Sara asked was to name five random things about myself.  Here's a taste:

*  I told the kids in my primary school I had three middle names (instead of one) as I thought it made me seem more exotic.  The extra names? Karen and Vanessa.  Why the heck didn't I go all out with something like Periwinkle and Desdemona!
*  I could never, never, not even upon the promise of a million dollars watch a horror film, and yet am addicted to True Blood and The Walking Dead.
* Growing up I desperately wanted a horse. Not because I was interested in riding, per say, I really just wanted to name it.  Writing for a living I get to name heroes, heroines, dogs, cats, businesses, places...  Some horse somewhere should count itself verrry lucky.

Come visit Harlequin Junkie for your chance to win an ebook copy of my last book THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT!

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