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Friday, 31 May 2013

cover reveal!

So excite to reveal my beautiful cover for my August Harlequin KISS release - FAKING IT TO MAKING IT!

It's rare for me to write a fair-haired hero - like being a pale redhead myself some kind of biological imperative draws me to tall, dark and handsome - but this was how Nate came to me.  Tall, fair, and gorgeous.  This cover hits him spot on.  Poor Saskia doesn't stand a chance!

About the book:

Natural born charmer, Nate Mackenzie, is in the middle of a plus-one dilemma. Wedding dates inevitably take one look at the bride and measure Nate for a beach house, a chocolate Lab and a diamond solitaire. Worse, going stag will leave him at the mercy of a set-up by his ever-hopeful sisters.

Enter Saskia Bloom - a bohemian beauty researching online dating. She already has a house (ramshackle), and a dog (rescued), and an ex who turned commitment into a four letter word. And since there's no shortage of sexual attraction between them he’ll give her all the data she’ll ever need! 

But when the fake affair starts to feel real, will they even make it to the wedding? Or can they beat the odds and make it happily ever after.

And a little taste...

  The cold night air pressed in on her back as his heat burned her front.  Heat won, pouring through her as the kiss slid into something deeper.  As Nate fisted his hands in the back of her top and Saskia rose to her toes, sinking completely into the kiss, into him.
As she began to feel drugged, hot and flaky, nearing the edge of control, Nate pulled back.
When she finally found her breath, Saskia asked, “What was that for?”
She glanced up the street to find a few late night stragglers looking in shop windows and ignoring them completely.  “I reckon the cabbie’s swayed.”

Harlequin Kiss, August 2013
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