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Monday, 19 August 2013

it's all about the wheels

It's always a big deal for me, picking the right car for my hero and heroine.
Sometimes they are in jokes - cars my family have owned over the years (such as the red mini with the white roof my heroine drove in GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS, or Harry the vintage Holden the heroine drove in MARRIAGE MAKE-OVER).

But mostly it comes down to the fact that I'm a closet metal head.  That I have imaginings of one day owning  my own grunty red Firebird like Pippa in WHEN HONEY GOT MARRIED...  Or the elegant black Jag XJS like Danny in MILLIONAIRE TO THE RESCUE.

But mostly they give me the excuse to search Pinterest for wheels that make me drool.

Here's Nate's car in my current Harlequin KISS release, FAKING IT TO MAKING IT.  Puuuurty, huh?

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