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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fiona Harper's first...crush!

Wonderful writer, Fiona Harper is next up, here to tell us all about her first crush.  Everybody say awwww...  Or should that be phwoooar... :)

I’m going to admit to my first celebrity crush! It was the lovely Pierce Brosnan, but I’m showing my age if I tell you it was way before he was asked to play Bond, when he’d become a bit more rough and rugged-looking. No, I fell for Pierce as mysterious detective Remington Steele. This was a great TV series from the early 80s.

The basic premise was that Laura Holt, ace detective, was having trouble attracting clients for her newly-formed business because she was a woman, so she invented a fictional boss – and one day a handsome stranger with a shady past steps into the role. In the vein of shows like Moonlighting and Castle, it paired a straight-laced detective heroine with a loose-cannon male sidekick and I loved it. There’s something about a charmer that I just can’t resist. (I also have a crush on Nathan Fillion as Castle, but that one developed much later in life!)  (AB:  Yes, yes, and yes!)

Pierce was great in it: witty, infuriating, a little bit dangerous… The only downside was the hair. Which, let’s face it was a bit on the bouffant side. We’ll forgive him, though. It was the 80s, after all!

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