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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kimberly Lang's first...time she forgot one of her own books!

Next up at the You Always Remember Your First... party I give you my gorgeous friend Kimberly Lang, whose heroine in her February 2014 book No Time Like Mardi Gras, is going through some firsts of her own - including her first Mardi Gras in New Orleans!   Now, Kimberly did something once that I've never done...never. Just don't ask me to name the hero and heroine of every one of the twenty-something books I've written, 'kay?

Happy Anniversary, Ally, and many congrats on ten fabulous years! I’m looking forward to ten more!

There are so many firsts in this business – the first sale, the first time you see your book on the shelf, the first time a reader writes to you to let you know she loved the book, the first time you sign a book for a stranger – and all of them are unbelievably exciting.  Of course, these things never get old, either. Every time I’m asked to sign a book or get a reader email or just see one of mine on a shelf, I’m just as giddy as I was the very first time.  I certainly hope that feeling never goes away

But I’ll share with you an embarrassing “first” for this blog: the first time I forgot one of my own books.  At the RT Convention last year, a reader came up to me and asked me to sign my most recent book.  Then she started telling me about her favorite book of mine.  I had no idea what she was talking about. (Honestly, I thought at that point she’d mistaken me for Presents author Kim Lawrence. It’s happened more than once.) We went ‘round and ‘round like this for a few minutes, with her trying to convince me it really was one of my books, until I finally realized which book she was talking about.  (Granted, it was an older title, and I’d written fourteen books at that point, but really, there’s no excuse for that. How bad will I be when there’s a lot more than fourteen books under my belt?!)  I wanted to crawl under the table and cry at that point.  Of course, this might also qualify as the first time a reader got to witness how truly crazy and scatterbrained I can be… Neither is really good, huh?
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Make Kimberly feel better… head on over to my Facebook page and tell us about the first time you embarrassed yourself in front of someone you wanted to impress.  She's giving I’ll give away a couple of books from her backlist in sympathy to the most cringe-worthy!

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