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Saturday, 1 April 2006

april showers and fools

Today is the 1st of April. April Fool's Day. A Saturday.

After an unbelievable summer in Melbourne with 27 degree days being the norm for months and months, and a first month of Spring that passed by just as lovely, it's grey and wet outside. The central heating is blasting. I'm wearing thick socks under my knee high ugh boots. And it's 7:30 in the morning. Okay, now did I mention it's Saturday? Yep. But I didn't mention that I am the type of gal not likely to be seen or heard from until after 10.

But this morning, on the 1st of April, my hubby made such a hullaballoo getting ready for work as he was waiting for a workmate to pick him up as they carpool into the city. But workmate never showed, and thus I, still happily ensconsed in the land of nod, was unhappily drawn into his waking world. After a frantic phonecall it was revealed that said workmate thought that daylight savings ended last night. On a Friday.

When has daylight savings ever ended on a Friday night? Ever? I ask you!!! Meanwhile hubby left of his own accord while I frantically dressed, while still beneath the bed covers and beneath the layers of my gown - did I mention it's cold and wet outside? - switching radio channels, flipping through TV channels, and when they offered no solace, I ended up here, to find that of course we were right.

So as I sit staring at my computer, blurry eyed, at 7:30 in the morning, all in the name of discovering that I was right as I knew I was, I ask you, who's the fool?

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