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Thursday, 7 August 2008

* sniffle *

My poor little Boo and I have had a cold - her first ever. And while she's been a right little trouper - mostly ;) - I've been a right old sook.

Thankfully we bought ourselves a brand new mattress so the moments my sweet hubby looked after bub so that I could have a rest, boy oh boy oh boy I almost decided never to get up again. Apart from actually being a mattress rather than a lumpy old sunken misshapen blob that we used to have, this one has a fancy pillow top design which truly makes you feel like you're lying on clouds. Lie down for five seconds and you feel like you've slept an hour. Like you've had a massage.

Why I am not lying there now I have no idea. Especially when I'm smack bang in the glorious middle of a Liz Fielding classic with another underneath it itching to be read.

Okay, bye!