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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

valentines day heroes!

In the lead up to Valentines Day the lovely Nicola Marsh is hosting a heap of your very favourite romance authors and letting them go nuts about their favourite hot heroes!

I've posted a few of mine here today just to give you the general idea ;). The charming Nathan Fillion form Billionaire on Her Doorstep. The luscious Raoul Bova from A Mother For His Daughter. The heavenly Christian Bale from Steamy Surrender. The glinting Jeremy Northam from Getting Down to Business. Kind aren't I?

Since fabulous Nic and I both write for Modern Heat and Harlequin Romance, and sold our first books within months of one another, and cause she offered ;, I've been lucky enough to have a platform to wax lyrical about one of my fave heroes that I've written.

With 20 books under my belt I wonder which I'll choose! To find out, don't forget to visit Nic's blog on the 9th. I promise the picture is a goody, the hero scrummy, and the inspiration one of the most gorgeous guys on the planet. Mmmm... Any ideas???

Head over to Nic's blog each and every day between now and Valentines Day for lovely pics of handsome men and the chance to pick up some exciting giveaway books.

You might be lucky enough to discover an author you've never read before and find yourself a new favourite. Is there anything better???

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