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Saturday, 10 April 2010

meet zach jones

Meet Zach Jones.

This is how Meg Kelly in MILLIONAIRE DAD'S SOS sees him when they first meet. How she managed to keep from drooling through the entire conversation I have no idea! He's super yum, even if I do say so myself! And here they are together...

‘So, Zach Jones, from what I hear around the traps you own this joint.’

The full frontal approach brought out a combative glint in his darker than dark eyes. If possible it only made the guy more tempting. Warmth curled through her empty stomach.

But rather than doing the polite thing and answering her charge, he ignored it and asked, ‘How long are you planning on staying?’

Frustration began to war convincingly well with attraction. In response her practiced smile only grew wider.

‘A survey?’ she said, lobbing it right back in his corner. ‘Aren’t you the hands on boss?’

The most sensuous mouth she’d ever laid eyes on kicked into a sexy almost-smile, creating an arc in his cheek that hinted at so much more, but still it never quite reached his eyes. He didn’t believe her devil-may-care performance for a second.

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