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Sunday, 6 January 2013

six sentence sunday :: the secret wedding dress


Paige, meet Gabe...
  Honestly, who needed such a breathtaking expanse of male shoulders, or such thick dark hair that looked like no amount of product could completely ever tame it?  Or fingers strong enough open a lift door?  As for the hint of hooded dark eyes she could make out in profile and stubble long past designer?   That kind of intensity wasn’t comfortable.  It was overkill.
  She was staring so hard at the man’s lips - thinking that they were too ridiculously perfect to be hidden amongst all that rough stubble - there was no missing it when they twitched, like they might be about to actually smile.
Was thinking a little of this guy when I wrote that ;).  Can you tell?

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Australia, New Zealand &UK - January 2013, North America - April 2013

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