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Wednesday, 9 November 2005

TV or not TV, that is the question

I am proud to say I love my television!

I love movies and I love to read, but I don't see the need to shout that from the rooftops and everyone would happily admit they love fil-ums and literachoor. TV has always been the poor little sister. A form of entertainment we afficonados mumble about in corners at parties so that other cooler people won't know how important our Buffy re-runs are to us. The Spike or Angel question alone can keep we TVites busy for a night all on its own! And Spike is of course the right answer.

So what are you watching now? What is the one show that if you miss it you will simply not be able to join the crowds at the water cooler the next day? Anything “must see” I should add to my already over-packed TV watching schedule of Idol, House, Grey's Anatomy, Frasier (only two weeks to go down under - whimper whimper... but having Arrested Development to take up the slack makes that easier to bear). Considering I would be happy to watch my West Wing DVDs until the end of time, I don’t know why I care. But care I do.

I was in the shower the other morning, and the shower is where all my good thining is done, and I realised that Australian Idol will be over in only a couple of weeks. But the thing that made me even sadder was that it would be a good six months until the next season starts all over again.

So help me please. I feel a gap forming in my weekly viewing schedule. Any ideas would be most appreciated.