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Tuesday 6 December 2005

the best medicine

Laughter really is the best medicine, right?

Can you feel any better than when you laugh? Even a mere smile is enough to put me in better spirits even if the current state of my spirits is just dandy.

I have a heap of funny photos in my computer, most have come emailed to my hubby from friends and colleagues. I always forget they are there, until one day I stumble upon them when looking for somthing else and whammy! Grin from ear to ear ensues.

So I am going to post some pictures that give me the giggles. I know humour is subjective, so I understand if you don't laugh uproariously or even get one of those twitches at the corner of your mouth..

But come on! The picture is hilarious!!! Where did you leave your funny bone this morning?

Right, sorry. Calming down. It's just that I take my funny business seriously. So if this piccie doesn't grab you, I hope the next one on down the line will!

spoil sport