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Friday 28 July 2006

only 14 sleeps to conference

Eek! In between all of those sleeps, I have many many things to do. So many I ought to write a list so I can tick them off once done.

Firstly I must finish a book.

    Today I hit 52,500 words on a proposed 60,000 worder. So this isn’t a big ask. Though I am playing fill in the gaps at the moment which is never and quick and flowy a process as writing straight, fresh, new, who knows where this all will lead prose. Either way, I hereby announce, I will have finished said book by...checking calendar... Saturday the 5th of August.

      Then I must get cracking on another book.

        For it is due six weeks after I get back from conference. I have written about 11,000 words so far on this next Romance, which is about 21%. The percentage sounds higher I reckon, so I might stick with following my progress that way!

        This book is a really tricky friends to lovers story which feels really different from anything I’ve written before which is always a bit nerve-wracking. Especially when my heroine needs knocking down a peg or two, and seems to grow an extra child every time I write more of the book. Argh! But the fact that I am a fair way to in love with the yummy gorgeous sweet and adorable hero here is a good sign that all will be well in the end ;).

          I also have to finalise my tutorial.

            This is close to done, it just needs a final polish. And much of the doneness is thanks to the help of two fabulous women, Modex author Trish Wylie and Presents author Trish Morey who both have given me lots of ideas about what they think make the lines they write for wonderful and unique.

              I have to barrack for my footy team!

                Who won tonight. Yay! I braved the cold and ventured out for the first time in a week to watch Collingwood play - because this is perhaps the second last game I will see them live before the finals. So if my team decided not to win I wouldn't have been at all happy. But they won, and beautifully, for their captain's 250th game for the club, so my remaining cough and sniffles were barely noticed.

                And I also plan to eat, sleep and watch telly as much as humanly possible.

                  Final Desperate Housewives - I can't stand that show but I just have to watch! Grrr.... And now that I finally have joined the rest of human kind and have Broadband!!! who knows if you'll ever be able to pry me off here ;). (So Mum now you can call and I will answer because the phone line will forevermore be free!)

                    Did I mention eek?