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Thursday, 20 July 2006

a piece of cake

I can't believe someone has asked me for a recipe!!! Me - who cannot cook to save my life. Well apart from chicken salad and steak burgers and a truly fabulous cheese omelette.

Well here it is - Chocolate Cake a la Ally, the cake I make for my own birthday each year:

    One cup of sugar (I always use a tea cup as I have never owned a measuring cup)

    One cup of self-raising flour (thought I am too lazy to sift)

    Two tablespoons of cocoa (again no tablespoon or sifting is involved in my kitchen)

    Three tablespoons of melted butter

    Three eggs (try not to get any shell into the mix as you don’t want a crunchy cake)

    A teaspoon of vanilla essence (but I would make it three capfuls at least!)

    3/4 cup of milk

      Whisk using fabulous whisk master which gathers lots of mixture on the spokes to be licked off later. Pour into round cake tin sprayed with non-stick spray AND with a layer of grease paper at bottom so that you don't leave a crumb on the pan at the end. Make sure NOT to scrape all of the mix into the tin so that you can sit in front of the TV watching 'Grey's Anatomy' licking the bowl and the wooden spoon. Cook for 35 minutes in 180 degree oven (not fan bake) or until when you stick a safety pin in it it doesn't come out wet. Take out and turn onto a plate. When cool, lather in whipped cream. And eat.

      It should turn out looking something like this, though of course this picture was pulled from some fabulous gourmet magazine so I am cheating a fair bit.

        I'd love to know if it turns out as heavenly for you as it does for me!

        Book in a week tally for day four: 2400 words