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Wednesday, 2 August 2006

broadband or bust?

As well as a new desk, new computer and a new colour on the walls of my office, I finally succumbed to the wonder and ease of broadband Internet.

Somehow I expected my world to change. Like when you turn 30, or when you get married, you wake up the next day and take a big deep breath and think, "Is my life ever going to be the same again?"

    Well, just like on those auspicious days, so far I feel no different. For my extra $10-00 per month, I don't feel like my time-management has changed all that much. Sure I don't have to sign-on, I just click my icon and there she is, the Internet in full Kodakcolour. But it kind of always felt like that to me anyway. Since I am an impatient so and so and always have at least half a dozen files/pages open and on the go at once, I didn't mind waiting for a page to load as I would simply write, or check an email or do something else while waiting.

      Anyhoo, maybe I need some time to let it all settle. To let it become one with my life. Or to hear the excitement in my Mum's voice when she calls and I pick up the first time rather than her getting a busy signal every day!