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Saturday 5 August 2006

the end

Boy oh boy do I love those two little words.

I can't believe I'm really there. I wrote half the book in a week, then had to stop to finish BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP, and then headed back into this one, determined to have it done before conference next week. And I've done it!

This has been such a wonderful book to write, with two very hard-headed characters. Abbey is a feisty heroine who was raised by her grandmother, a pre-eminent feminist writer, and Flynn is a playboy hero so charming sexy and confident he makes her caught between wanting to kiss him or kick him in the shins. Either way he won't be forgetting her too soon!

But as per my usual MO, it is waaaayyyy too long. At 66,120 words and 303 pages, it needs some trimming ;). And since I have written the last 3-4 chapters while struck down with a rotten flu virus, I am hoping the ending of the book doesn't suddenly turn out to be about fairies and goblins and rainbows - thanks to the cold and flu tablets keeping me upright - or vitamin C and aloe vera tissues which are fuelling my life right now!

So now I am off to watch a bit of The West Wing and to eat some lunch, not that I'll be able to taste it with these tastebuds at the moment! And then the slash and burn will begin.

* Insert evil laughter here!!! *