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Tuesday 31 October 2006

seen in stores

Wanted: Outback Wife has been seen in stores in Australia! I am so excited. For though I seem to have books coming out around the world every month for the next half a year, this book is my first release since April. Wanted: Outback Wife is book four in the gorgeous Brides of Bella Lucia miniseries.


Londoner Jodie Simpson needs to land a Melbourne husband - and quick. But can she and her friends pull this off with only six weeks until her working visa runs out?

Suddenly this shy British girl finds herself with a line up of males willing to be the other half of her two year marriage deal. There's her neighbour Scott, who has a penchant for mesh shirts, Barnaby the visual merchandiser whose favourite gay bar is just around the corner from her apartment, or the funeral director with the gravity defying Adam's apple.

Of course, even though he lives miles from her adopted city, has more brothers and sisters than she has family in the whole world, and he makes her feel like this project could last more than the allotted two years, there is always Heath Jameson...


Romantic Times 4 stars
Ally Blake continues the Brides of Bella Lucia with Wanted: Outback Wife (4), as she affectionately mocks the "marriage of convenience" convention while utilizing it effectively. This is good fun, and Heath's a treat on many levels.

Cataromance 4 stars
Fresh, vibrant and written with plenty of sassiness and style, Ally Blake’s feel good romances are among the best in the business and Wanted: Outback Wife is certainly no exception! In Wanted: Outback Wife, Ally Blake sprinkles her story with charming humour, powerful emotion and heartwarming romance and she will make you laugh, cry and sigh with bliss!

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Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about it!