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Saturday 11 November 2006

billionaire bachelors

The original title for my current release, Silhouette Romance's HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE was The Billionaire Bachelor which is in fact the name of the reality TV show on which my hero and heroine meet. (Hint, he's not the bachelor and she's not a bachelorette. So who are they???) When checking my blog statistics one day, I discovered somebody had found me by googling the words: billionaire bachelor. So, intrigued as to what other billionaire bachelors we might find out in the world - not for me of course, I'm happily married, (hello darling xxx) - I checked out the other sites on that google page and found this:

Click here
for a slideshow of the world's actual Billionaire Bachelors, thanks to the wonderful Forbes Magazine! You can see pictures, find out where they live, how they earned their moula and even see what cars they drive. For example:

44 year old Calvin Ayre from Costa Rica is the son of grain and pig farmers who grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan. He was once civilly charged with insider trading, but eventually settled for $10,000 and banishment from Vancouver Stock Exchange and moved to Costa Rica where he set up an internet gambling company! Heroic? Well he is now worth a cool one billion.

Then there's Perry Bass. His family's billions were hit hard by Katrina: oil storage tank near New Orleans leaked 90,000 barrels into a containment pond. But gains from oil boom more than make up for it. He has diversified into Disney, John Wiley & Sons publishing and Human Genome Sciences which sounds fascinating. One problem? He's 91.

Now seriously, where would a girl on the prowl be without the internet to help her find true love?

PS. Shirley has gone to a fabulously massive pet store ten minutes from home where he is living with a whole bunch of other free range chickens. Yes, chickens. Female. He's never known it so good! Laverne is coping rather well, and we are hoping to have a Shirley Mk III for her any day now. Watch this space!