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Monday, 20 November 2006

into the west

Today my mum's coming to visit!

My family live far too far away in sunny Queensland. Well, since I was the one who in fact moved way from home I'm sure they would say I'm the one who lives far too far away. But the fact is when we get ourselves organised for visits like this it's very special. And this time it's super special as it's just my mum. Well, Mum and series five of the West Wing to be more precise.

Not your typical girl's week? Well it is for us. We have a deal, we are allowed to watch West Wing on the telly the first time around, so long as we ring one another to discuss. But the second time around, we cannot watch it unless we are together. So Mum's West Wing DVDs travel the countryside every couple of months when we sit down, put our feet up and watch "just one more eopiside" until the wee hours of the morning. CJ breaks my heart. Toby stretches my mind. And I could just marry Josh and Donna. It is pure bliss!

So imagine me over the next three days, in my tracky daks, a mug of cooling coffee and a bowl of M&Ms at my fingertips as I immerse myself in the fabulousness of the best TV show ever. Oh, and catch up with my mum too ;).