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Wednesday, 1 November 2006

National Novel Writing Month

Began today. The first I really heard about it was when Jenna Bayley-Burke gave us a run down on the Pink Heart Society.

Next I bought Chris Baty's "No Plot No Problem" on the advice of Marion Lennox and Anne Gracie who quoted hilarious sections from the book at lunch last week. This book was soooooo funny it inspired me to join up for Nano, the website which encourages all and sundry to write a 50,000 word book in a month.

In it the author talks about telling all of your friends you plan to write a book in a month as fear is a great motivator. If you do not accomplish your task you will be ribbed about it for a good long while, maybe even the rest of your life!

He also espouses the necessity of writing with a "writing totem". Like Superman has his tight and Wonder Woman has bullet reflcting wrist bands, what can you wear to help you become a writing super power? Chris has a viking helmut himself. When I wrote my first book, I wore a white garland in my hair. I can't even begin to imagine why, but at the time it worked for me. Helped me tap into my muse. And now I always, always wear hot pink fingerless gloves. It began as a way to keep wamr in winter, but come summer those gloves will still be a part of my writing routine.

To find out more, check out
my page at Nano, where I have listed an excerpt and will keep a running tally on this bookm, and idea I have been toying with for months but have never had the chance to write. Working title "Tangled". Hero inspiration: Paul Newman.

Or better yet, join up yourself and just write. don't think. don't edit. Don't give yourself boundaries and rules. Just a deadline, and a promise. And good luck!