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Sunday 28 January 2007

between the sheets: on the seventh day

I rest. I take Sunday's off. Usually because I am too busy to write. Going to Bunnings. Doing the washing I haven't done all week. Sitting on the couch catching up on a week's worth of taped TV shows ;). But also because if I don't take time off I'd likley burn out. Everyone needs a weekend. Even if you work from home.

And Sunday is So You Think You Can Dance night. Boy oh boy do I love that show. Two full hours of incredible dancing, with just a hint of 'oh god what if they completely screw this up!' (And just so you know we here in Aus are in the second series with ~ 8 dancers left so please no spoilers!!!! I can't even give you a link as I am terrifed if I look it up I'll see who won!!!) I tape it. Watch it once. Then go back and watch the best dances again. Fabulous, fabulous stuff!!!

Last night there was the Australian Open Men's tennis final as well. I had high hopes Roger Federer would be ousted by the fabulous, gorgeous, on fire Chilean Fernando Gonzales. No such luck :(. And then my favourite girl was voted off So You Think You Can Dance. I cried. I am a big, wet, sooky, girly mush. I don't knopw how I'll handle the next three weeks of this show without dissolving into a puddle!!!

ROMANCE word count: no different!

MODERN EXTRA word count: no different either!

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