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Friday, 19 January 2007

fab news and back on the farm...

Oh and by the way I sold my thirteenth book yesterday! My second Modern Extra Sensual, title to be affirmed, will be a September 2007 UK release.

The book - working title THE SWEETEST THING - stars a photographic set designer for a Parisienne fashion mag who has an addiction to good coffee and free designer stuff, & a seriously sexy entrepreneur who loves his mother and extinct British rock bands, a midnight blue 1968 MK II Jag named Bessie, an Italian gelataria called Bacio Bacio, a green Versace dress, many an Italian guy with roving hands, a chalet in the snow, and the best of Melbourne in winter and Paris in summer...

Je suis très excite!

Now, on the home front, the chicklets are growing at a rate of knots!!! They are a month old. Can you believe it? Stewie Griffin - one of the four golden ones - is most definitely a boy. He is at the back of this pic, and can you see the orange crest atop his head? Suspicious no?

Their feet feathers are just insanely cute. And when we go out to feed them, they eat from my hubby's hand!!! Anyone who hasn't seen the popcorn chicklet video, check it out here on YouTube...

We've also started growing Roma tomatoes. And by we I mean my hubby. Australia is in the middle of a drought right now, so we have to conserve water. But I tell ya, these tomatotes get more TLC than I do!

But see why... We pick them green, and within a few days they ripen to look like the one below!!! Our first actual real live home grown tomato!!! Do you think if I name it my husband will finally crack?

Watch out for more Between the Sheets behind the scenes of writing a book tomorow...

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