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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

the next big idea

I am in the middle of revisions right now, which is always a kind of danger point, as to me nothing is more tempting than the next big idea. The germ of a thought, the colour of a new heroine's hair, the glint in a new hero's eye. The pure pleasure of a brand new, fresh as a daisy first meeting.

After having ~ three weeks away from the computer, far longer than I have had in one stretch in well over a year, the ideas have been flowing thick and fast. But remember I am in the middle of revisions.

A heroine is speaking to me - quite loudly in fact. Which isn't surprising as Kendall is a total handful. Spirited, opinionated, and not one to pull her punches. I have Rachel McAdams firmly in mind. She of The Notebook and The Family Stone fame. Lots of fire in that one and I can't wait to get her talking on the page.

My hero is slowly appearing from out of the mist. Which is fine as that's pretty much as he appears to my heroine as well. I have his name in place. Hud. And a feeling. A character. A personality. A background. I'm not yet all that sure what, or who, he looks like. But I'm not going to push it. I've tried that before and paid the consquences. So at the moment he is a delicious mystery. He is so far a small part James Purefoy's laid-back appeal, with a little Colin Farrell darkness, and the clear heart-breaking good looks of Josh Hartnett, but really none of the above. I can't wait to see who he will become when the mist clears.

Of course I have to wait until my revisions are said and done. So alas, Hud and Kendall will have to wait their turn. It's a great ity neither of them are wait-their-turn types, or maybe that's what has me so tempted to get on and tell their story...

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