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Tuesday, 12 December 2006

a taste of italy

Two and a half years ago I took a trip to


I had always wanted to visit. To throw a coin or three into the Trevi Fountain like they did in the movie. To see the Leaning Tower of Pisa before it either fell over or they propped it up so much it became the

Tower of Pisa. And to see Michelangelo’s David. Need I say more.

I also had a book in my head. A character from my previous novel, a naughty snow white type called Gracie, lost her mother at the end of HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE. I decided to send her off to

Rome in search of the father she never knew. I had one image in my head of her sitting on the steps of the Trevi Fountain, a coin held tight in her hot palm as she made a wish. The rest of the story was up for grabs...

So hubby and I took a Contiki tour. They are more famous for twenty-four hour beer fests than research tours, but our trip was absolutely perfect. We had a great tour guide, a fabulous bus load of people, including several other couples and a few fab Aussies. And boy did we see Italy!

Limoncello and bubbling cheese pizzas on Capri. Lukewarm cappuccinos and the world’s most beautiful pink glass in Venice. Carabinieri – the world’s sexiest police, in outfits designed by Armani! – and even a funky nightclub in Rome. A Kennedy holiday home and the most beautiful scenery I have ever laid eyes on in Lake Como (and no I don't mean George Clooney).

I also found much inspiration for my book. Tuscan hills. Mountaintop towns. Chianti wineries.

This month A MOTHER FOR HIS DAUGHTER is on shelves across North America. I am so excited as the guys who took our tour with us can now see lots of hints and sliver views of the places we visited. (Waving to Contiki family!)

For more behind the scenes fun stuff check out my article, Inspiration is All Around, and I am also blogging today about the search for my Italian hero at the Pink Heart Society.


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