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Saturday, 2 December 2006

pressies to self

I like to buy myself a little present whenever I sell a book. Nothing huge, just something for me. For example when I sold my first book THE WEDDING WISH I bought myself a new dictionery and thesaurus. Woohoo, the last of the big spenders!

This time I bought myself a few things from
Amazon: the third season of Arrested Development on DVD (funniest show of the past three years bar none!), the Sword of the Spirits trilogy by John Christopher (new versions of my fave books from when I was a kid as the copies I have have completely fallen apart), and Adventures in the Screen Trade by the fantabulous William Goldman.

And today I also made one very exciting payment that felt utterly fabulous. I paid off my university debt. Way back when, some 15 odd years ago when I started at university, I thoguth I would always be a struggling artist, and that my HECS debt would forever more be a box I would tick on tax forms for the rest of my life. But now, with the click of a button it's gone. Whoosh! Oila! Adios!

I feel like a grown up.

(BTW check out my appearances on
Nailini Singh's fabulous Xmas Come Early party blog for the chance to win a book,
and at The Tote bag where I wax lyrical about pre-Christmas panic!)


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