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Saturday, 9 December 2006

guest mills and boon editor at the pink heart society

This month at the The Pink Heart Society, the blogazine for lovers of category romance, we are bringing you a live in the flesh Harlequin Mills and Boon editor! Direct from London! If you've ever had any questions you always wanted to ask, now's the time.

Always wondered what it's like to work in the London Offices?

Is it tough deciding what to put on the cover?

What does it feel like to tell a brand new author you want to buy their first book?

I for one would love to know what the 'slush pile' really looks like. I've always had a vision of my first book being plucked from within a teetering tower of manuscripts after an editor popped on a blindfold, spun around three times, and pointed... Not true, I'm sure, but I'll be asking said ed anyhoo!

So if you have something to add, join our Yahoo Group on which there is always much lively discussion, or email us at with your question!

For more info, check out the
The Pink Heart Society blogazine for more info and keep an eye out for the looming day!!!

*Obviously due to the limited space we have here at the Blogazine we will be restricted to the number of questions that we can ask... These WILL NOT include any individual queries about manuscripts or any pitches for books... And The Pink Heart Society Editors will reserve the right to choose which questions they feel the Blogazine readers would find most interesting...*


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