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Friday, 8 December 2006

too much of a good thing?

I have been watching soooooo much Sex and the City over the last month. From episode one season one onwards. 2-3 episodes every day. Without fail. It's my treat. When I stop for lunch, afternoon tea, or if I'm putting on make-up before heading out, I sit in front of the telly and put aside half an hour to watch the next episode in line.

But it's hard to watch just one. Seriously hard. Especially when you see the menu and think "ooh, the next one is the one where she first meets Aidan" or "the one where Miranda and Steve get back together" or "where Carrie hooks up with the new Yankee".

I've just hit Charlotte's wedding to Trey. Carrie has confessed to Aidan about her affair with Big. And there have been tears all around. I'm a little distressed actually so have turned off the telly and moved back to my deadline book feeling jittery. But I won't watch another yet. I won't!

Especially considering twice today when I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror I actually got a fright that I didn't look like Carrie. Seriously. I flinched, wondering for a second what had happened to my blonde curls.

Maybe time to move onto another treat for a little while.


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