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Monday, 4 December 2006

deadline, schmeadline

Four days until deadline. Yet I feel no chest pains!

This book has been a very confortable write. With only two months in which to write it, from conception to birth, it has been a breeze. With a gorgeous hero, and a challenging heroine, and settings so evocative I couldn't go wrong, the journey through my hopefully second Modern Extra, currently entitled The Sweetest Thing has been, well, the sweetest thing! It likely helps that I get to look at pictures of this guy all day ;).

Of course now I am about to print all 60,000 words of her out in order to do a final red pen edit, so who knows what evil gremlins I will find lurking within. What details I have missed. What threads and througlines I have begun and then left to dangle off into space with no rhyme or reason or conclusion.

But for me this is the fun part. I should have been born with a red pen in my hand I love the editing process so much. But since I always edit in my dining room, which is very close to the loungeroom, which has a new big screen TV within, and the box set of Sex and the City begging me to watch more than one episode during lunch per day, I will have to be very self-controlled.

Wish me luck!



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