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Sunday, 10 December 2006

let it snow

I'm currently writing my first book with scenes set at the snow. It all feels a little odd as outside right in Aussie land it is hot, hot, hot. So hot, and dry, with a great big brown sky as we are in the middle of bush fires right now. And right about whre snow fell about two weeks ago. Crazy old world...

Anyhoo, for the last few days on writing THE SWEETEST THING, I'm having to do lots of imagining.

I don't even have all that much experience with snow actually. I saw a bit behind a rock for the first time maybe five years ago while doing an autumn "changing of the seasons" trip through the mountains. The next time I saw snow was about two years back while at the Grand Canyon. Yep, in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas was boiling, but four hours away the Canyon was freezing, and just at the enhd of our beautiful day, snow began to fall. My oh my was it beautiful.

My one and only trip to a proper snowfield was meant to be a romantic weekend with the hubby on our first wedding anniversary. We drove up to Mt Buller. I was so excited! Until we got there. In my black Russion hat, my fancy black coat, my tight jeans and knee high black boots, I fit in just fine back in Melbourne, but surrounded by snow people in their multi-coloured parkas, mis-matched thermal pants, odd beanies, fat goggles, and flat sensible shoes I stood out like a sore thumb. It was like they were all in some kind of colour-blind cult.

It was lovely. We watched other people ski. I stood on snow. We drank hot chocolate looking over the speldinferous view of the Alpine Village, and then we went home. I know, I know. I caved. But we realised we might actually need to go with people who know what they were doing next time. People who know the secret password and can tell us where to buy thermal underwear.

I couldn't help but put my heroine, Morgan in my shoes when she and Saxon turn up at Mt Buller. Okay, my boots were black and hers are electric blue but that's artistic license right?


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